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In which part of coating processes can vacuum be used?


Vacuum acts as a very important role in many coating processes where metals or other substances are deposited in vapor form. These processes are impossible to be finished without vacuum in many cases. The high vacuum is requested to the physical space for evacuation at the beginning of the process. After this, the reaction gases are extracted and the solid raw materials get vaporized.

All these processes would depend on a common key factor which is a high level of vacuum in the space that matches the required inner pressure of that space to ensure the smooth and successful coating process. Such coating processes can upgrade the surface quality of the products, such as the surface hardness or corrosion resistance. At the meantime, the vacuum coating is also used to alter the adhesive or wetting qualities of the processed material, or to make surfaces permanently hydrophobic or hydrophilic.

Hokaido vacuum systems are installed with made-to-order components based on all types of vacuum coating processes.


Which Hokaid solutions are suitable for coating processes?

The huge number of different Hokaido vacuum solutions for vacuum coating processes are comprised of the state-of-the-art vacuum pumps with Hokaido vacuum technology. We supply individual pumps or complete vacuum systems.

Hokaido RSE dry screw vacuum pumps are perfectly suitable for these applications, which is recognized as a ideal means for vacuum coating. And the large number of both RSE and rotary lobe vacuum boosters enables vacuum systems to be designed to match the process precisely. For high vacuum applications we’re working hard for the R&D, believing the matched products will come out soon.

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