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Where are the vacuum degassing processes working?

The degassing is one of the most important applications of Hokaido vacuum technology in many industries of viscous substances . Gases, vapors are exhausted from the material in initial form by vacuum to improve the quality of products.

For example, degassing is typically used for extruders. In extruders highly viscous substances are compressed and simultaneously freed of solvents. The vacuum pump used serves exclusively to evacuate low boiling point solvents as well as any air that has entered the material through leaks.

The specifically designed vacuum system which contains separator & filter unit to condense the exhaust gases and vapors perfectly work for processes of extrusion. A perfect vacuum system which can perfectly match your monthly output and raw material will be offered by our professional engineering team after calculating your requirements.


Which Hokaido vacuum solutions are suitable for degassing?

Hokaido takes care of all applications of degassing processes. We are well reputed for our high-quality products and over 15 years experience in all applications of degassing.

We have offered a wide range of vacuum pumps which can optimize any process for degassing applications of food processing industries and perfectly meet the highest hygiene standards.

One area where vacuum systems are subject to special requirements is steel degassing. The high air temperatures and elevated dust levels present the particular problems. Our systems can operate in this environment, as they are completely dry running and use the latest technology. The energy efficiency levels of our systems are superior to those of our competitors.


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