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In which part is vacuum used for the distillation processes?

In the pharmaceutical and chemical industry as well as the applications in other areas, such as food & beverage processes, vacuum distillation is a very important means. There is another application which is crude oil refining. Two processes of distillation are needed for this application as the crude oil contains hydrocarbons which results in different boiling points. After the first step of atmospheric distillation, the second step of distillation is started with vacuum to separate heavy hydrocarbons at a lower temperatures to have the thermal cracking and the creation of unwanted by-products minimized.

Which Hokaido vacuum pumps are suitable for distillation processes?

As Hokaido RSE dry screw vacuum pumps are able to generate a high vacuum, they are the most ideal choice for distillation processes. As these pumps are dry running, they are able to exhaust media such as vapor with no contamination. As a result, the media can be recycled when the condensation is completed.

Hokaido RH/2RH rotary vane vacuum pumps have been applied to the processes of distillation since Hokaido was founded, which is almost 15 years. Hokaido 2RH (two-stage) vacuum pumps are oil lubricated and have very advanced technology with proven design. The operating fluid is supplied to the suction chambers in a very small quantity.

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