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Which part of drying processes is the vacuum used for?

Drying by vacuum is absolutely faster, gentler and more energy-efficient than drying by heat. It is particularly suited to the drying processes of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and other applications in which excess heat would destroy or degrade the product.

For example, All medicinal products are dried before entering the marketplace. Solvents are removed from the product in a heatable static or dynamic dryer. The advantage of vacuum drying is that the product can be processed at low temperatures. The temperature always corresponds to the vapour pressure of the solvent being used.

Vacuum drying is also suited to the drying processes of products which have large surface area, such as plastic granules or other hygroscopic materials. Vacuum is also used to dry industrial components.

Which Hokaido series are suitable for the drying processes?

Hokaido RSE dry screw vacuum pumps are recognized as the choice of pump in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries where we would need a large number of drying processes. They are extensively used to generate high vacuum for in pre-operation.

RSE dry screw vacuum pumps exhibit a high tolerance to humidity and are completely free of operating fluids, which make them as the ideal choice for drying processes. The contamination can be avoided during the drying processes because of no operating fluid.

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