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Which areas of holding and lifting is vacuum used for?

The vacuum technology is widely used for holding, transporting and lifting of goods in the production processes in the modern era. Now, a suction cup, vacuum plate or vacuum table with a Hokaido vacuum pump can make it possible to stack cardboard, move glass panels, hold wooden boards, or load heavy items such as paper rolls, or even bricks so quickly and firmly, which is the most ideal way to move, hold, lift and transport products.

In the automated production line, the component parts are held and transported by vacuum through the entire line. For example, in the furniture industry, the process begins with the wooden boards that are taken into the initial process which is finished by a robot equipped with a vacuum suction system. The boards are held by vacuum and processed, then transported to the next stage by another vacuum gripping equipment. The robot with vacuum tools stacks the finished furniture at the end of the production line.

Regarding vacuum for printing, it is used to transport the separated paper sheet. The paper sheets are drawn into the printing machine by a vacuum air tools installed over the loading board. They get through the individual stations by printing rollers using vacuum. The paper gets through all the following processing by using vacuum.


Which Hokaido solutions are suitable for holding and handling goods?

The requirements of vacuum pumps could not be more varied because of the numerous areas of application and tasks involved in holding and lifting. For example, oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps, 2HB/4HB side channel blowers or RC dry claw vacuum pumps may be suitable.

We offer appropriate vacuum pumps for all holding processes. The energy-efficient and maintenance free RC dry claw vacuum pumps are used for clamping component parts and transporting to CNC machining centers used for woodworking. The wooden items are held in place firmly and securely for processing.



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