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Why is vacuum used in forming and laminating?


Laminating & Forming with vacuum are the most popular application of vacuum pumps for the innovation of manufacturing in many industries. They are the ideal ways to form the material into a specific mould or press a large variety of materials together.

Regarding forming, the vacuum is used to suck the material into the mold to get it formed. In this application, the process is named thermoforming, which is used to shape the plastic foils. In the initial process, the plastic foils are heated to be soften. The vacuum is applied through the entire mould circuit, which pulls the plastic foil into the forming mould. Once the plastic foil gets cold, it holds the shape of the mold. This process can be used to produce packing materials for food and other commodities.

Laminating with vacuum is the process which is used to press different layers of materials together. It’s commonly used in semiconductors and electronics industries. Solar modules, flat screens and smartphone display screens are manufactured in this way.


Which Hokaido vacuum pumps are suitable for forming and laminating?


It is recognized that Hokaido state-of-the-art RH rotary vane vacuum pumps are successful in forming processes with many years’ operation.

The energy-saving RC dry claw vacuum pumps can be used for the pressing processes where low vacuum is acceptable. Hokaido RH rotary vane vacuum pump will be the first choice when higher vacuums are required.


In the industries of solar modules, flat screens and smartphone displays, for the process of laminating, Hokaido RSE dry screw vacuum pumps are the preferred vacuum pumps, because they’re able to evacuate the leaking gases and vapours without interference.

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