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What can Hokaido vacuum do for packaging processes

In the process of packaging, vacuum generator is viewed as an essential role. By using Hokaido vacuum technology, the packing material can be efficiently and precisely formed, thermoformed and coated. It can also be removed, transported, and sealed by vacuum generator. During the process of packaging, the products can be loaded and inserted with the aid of vacuum. Vacuum in food packaging helps to maintain the appearance, freshness and flavor of food. Air and the oxygen have harmful effects on the quality and durability of fresh food. For this reason many processes need evacuation. The classic vacuum application in this field is vacuum packaging. Before sealing, a vacuum pump evacuates the air out of the packet. Vacuum pumps are used in numerous packaging machines for industrial use, e.g. Chamber machines, Forming machines, Carousel machines and Tray sealing machines.

Which Hokaido vacuum pumps are suitable for packing processes

RH/2RH series rotary vane vacuum pumps are the most ideal vacuum generators for packaging. They are viewed as the correct choice of vacuum pumps for this market. Hokaido oil-free technology can also work for a wide range of packaging applications – such as the energy-efficient RC dry claw vacuum pumps. For example, RC dry claw vacuum pumps are used to transport the foil during the processes of packaging.

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