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Where is vacuum used in removal processes?

Vacuum is used for those applications where the removal of by-products is required. The applications converge on the range from meat processing industry − e.g. the removal of waste products such as spinal cords and chicken feathers from carcasses − to the woodworking industry, such as the removal of sawmill dust.

The required pumping speed and the pressure difference or ultimate pressure required determine which vacuum technology is suitable for these applications. A variety of vacuum pumps are consequently used for these applications. To ensure the by-products removed do not make contact with the vacuum pump, the selection of the appropriate vacuum technology would be very important.


Which Hokaido vacuum pumps are suitable for removal processes?

The medium to be extracted and other factors such as the conveying height and distance will determine which vacuum pumps are the most suitable for the removing processes. The range of suitable vacuum pumps is such broad.

Hokaido RC dry claw vacuum pumps are suitable for the processes of relatively dry or delicate materials to be removed or transported. The non-contact RC dry claw vacuum pumps don’t require operating fluids, which makes this most economic vacuum generation suit for a wide range of applications.

In addition to RC dry claw vacuum pumps, the well reputed RH rotary vane vacuum pumps are used whenever a high level of vacuum is required. These RH/2RH vacuum pumps are oil-lubricated and available in water vapor resistant versions. They are most suitable for the extraction of moist gases, wet and heavy materials.

If the transportation of higher flow is required, the side channel blowers and rotary lobe blower would be the first choice. The capacity of these oil-free compressing blowers is really impressive, which means they’re good at meeting the requirements in a wide range of applications.



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