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Dry Vacuum Pumps

Hokaido Dry Vacuum Pumps Market: Key Trends, Drivers

There has been a rising need for eradicating process contamination, particularly in the manufacture of semiconductors, scientific equipment, electronics, foods and specific chemical products. This is expected to drive the market of dry vacuum pumps such as screw and claw pumps, at a global level. It should be noted that the robust growth of the semiconductor industry has already been leading to a considerable rise in the market growth of dry vacuum pumps, as a typical semiconductor industrial unit needs around 750 dry vacuum pumps.

Also, a recent trend observed is that number of applications of dry vacuum pumps in the chemical processing industry are on the rise, along with the surge in demand for dry vacuum pumps from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. This is expected to drive the global market growth of dry vacuum pumps in the next few years.

Also, as dry vacuum pumps represent energy efficient, long-lasting and progressive pumping solutions, their demand is expected to be on the rise in terms of volume as well as new industrial applications in the future. Dry vacuum pumps also find applications in batch processes and help eliminate the storage and disposal costs of service liquids and thereby, considerably reduce life-cycle costs.

In recent times, dry vacuum pumps are being increasingly used to pump extremely hazardous gases in a broad range of processes. As the manufacturers of chemicals have recently been introducing new features, driving an emerging trend for vacuum to be seen as a utility, the market demand for dry vacuum pumps is expected to rise exponentially in the near future.


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